Shukumine no Bassai

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Shukumine no Bassai (祝嶺のバッサイ) is a kata developed by Seiken Shukumine, as he devised the kata in his own way. In his book, Shin Karate-do Kyohan, Seiken Shukumine wrote that he learnt this kata by Soko Kishimoto, who learnt it from Bushi Takemura. Takemura deloped a version of Bassai (Takemura no Passai), which is still practised today by Bugeikan.

Shukumine no Bassai[edit]

Shukumine no Bassai (祝嶺のバッサイ) used to be called Bassai (dai). But because of the standardization of the JKF, which includes forming the shitei kata, the name had to change in order to avoid confusion. Therefore, with approval from Seiken Shukumine, the name was changed from Bassai (dai) to Shukumine no Bassai when Kunihiko Tosa released his book Genseiryu Karate-do Kyohan 2. This included the founder's name in order to distinguish it from the Bassai specified by the JKF.

Shukumine no Bassai (Sho)[edit]

Shukumine no Bassai (Sho) (祝嶺のバッサイ(小)) is derived from kata Shukumine no Bassai.